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From Breast Pathology to Molecular Frontiers: Florence Congress Covers It All

Welcome to the upcoming congress in Florence, where a diverse array of topics in cytology will take center stage. This congress promises to be a dynamic platform for exploring the latest advancements and discussions in breast cytopathology, infectious diseases, digital cytology, effusions, gynecology, head and neck pathology, lung pathology, lymph node assessment and much more.

  • Breast

  • Cytopathology infectious disease

  • Digital Cytology

  • Effusions

  • Ginecology

  • H&N

  • Lung

  • Lymphnodes

  • Molecular Cytology

  • Pancreas & Biliary

  • Soft Tissue

  • Thyroid

  • Urine

  • IAC Tutorial Cytomorphology

  • IAC Annual Meeting

  • Symposyum

  • Video microscopy

  • Digital microscopy workshop

  • Short Course

  • Focus on Cytomorphology with the Professor

  • The daily practice slide seminar

  • Proferred Papers

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